New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 13

Third bonus chapter release of the day!  Book 6, Chapter 13 – Secrets Exposed has been released!  Have fun with the read!  Things are starting to heat up for a certain somebody.  Remember, new friends, please consider having your Adblock off, here at!

This bonus chapter comes to you courtesy of our awesome donor, AF from Wisconsin.  Big round of applause for AF!  As part of a group effort, the queue for Chapter 14 has been cleared as well, by MT of Finland, CS from Indiana, MS from Germany, Abhniav, KM from the UK, and Gratitude Hack!  Chapter 14 will be coming up next.  JA in Georgia has started the queue for Chapter 15; thank you, JA!  In the mean time, thanks so much, donors, readers, commenters, and everyone else!  Wuxiaworld welcomes you!

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      1. Well the King knows who has a strong connection to the Dawson Conglomerate, and someone who is strong enough to kill a rank 7 warrior. Its only a matter if he will actually expose it or leave it alone for now. The King looks like he has quite the brain.

    1. Thanks for coming and registering, artikk! So far so good, in large part because all of you keep commenting and providing moral support! Donations alone wouldn’t keep me going for so many hours a day for so long, honestly, hehe. And I feel like I’m ‘levelling up’ when I see the stat counter on WordPress show the number of hits climbing each day…

        1. Eh? Clear your cache. I see it as $90 and 112.5%. I’ve removed all caching from this website, so clear your cache and it shouldn’t have any problems again in the near future.

  1. Thank You so much RWX for Coiling Dragon, best Light Novel I read so far. Thanks for all the donors I will also find a way to donate even a little. God Bless and Good Luck to All.

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