New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 12

New Chapter Release!  Book 6, Chapter 12 – The Investigation is now live!  Sorry for the delay, all that monkeying around with the website really took up a lot of time, even though I got a head start this morning.  Oh well.  Better late than never!  Newcomers and fans, if you like Coiling Dragon, I would be deeply appreciative if your Adblock was off.  Thanks so much!

This bonus chapter was brought to you by our very own friendly neighborhood Waraich!  Thanks Waraich!  We still have two more chapters in the queue, though I think I only have enough juice for one more today; the queue for Chapter 13 has been cleared by AF from Wisconsin, while in a group effort, the queue for Chapter 14 has been cleared by MT of Finland, CS from Indiana, MS from Germany, Abhniav, KM from the UK, and Gratitude Hack!  Thank you, donors, and thank you, readers, followers, and fans of Coiling Dragon!  Muah!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to fix the donation meter (the thermometer type thingy widget). Its not really important but it would help reduce false or true anticipation and it would also calm me down from seeing the false math. (i.e. $220 ≠ %300, i.e. $220 ≠ %200). Like that. Would be nice if you could fix that, other than that though, thanks for the chapter, cant wait to find out what clyde wants with linly!

    1. Hey Valtize, it’s a caching thing. I think I’ve done ahead and disabled ALL caching for now, since the server should be strong enough to handle it. This shouldn’t be a problem in the future. Either way, we have two more in the queue!

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