New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 11

How’d you guys enjoy the cliffhanger in the last chapter?  Well, wait no longer!  Announcing the release of another bonus chapter – Book 6, Chapter 11 – The Man Behind the Curtain.  Remember to have your Adblock off, friends!

This big, exciting bonus chapter comes to you courtesy of a donation by SERPENTINE!  Serpentine wants every fan to know that this is his New Year’s gift to all of you, and his way to show gratitude for the enjoyment Coiling Dragon has brought him.  Thank you so much, Serpentine!

The queue for Chapter 12 has been cleared by Waraich! The queue for Chapter 13 has been cleared by AF from Wisconsin!  EDIT: And the queue for Chapter 14 has been cleared by MT of Finland, CS from Indiana, MS from Germany, Abhniav, KM from the UK, and Gratitude Hack!  As always, my deepest gratitude to all donors, all readers, all commenters, and all fans of Wuxia World/Coiling Dragon.  Thank you all!

EDIT: Is it just me, or does the site feel much snappier now that we’re on a VPS?  Even when I’m posting, I’m not getting any errors.  Good times!

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