New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 10

Ooooookay, now that hopefully the site issues are out of the way, and we are on a more stable private server, let’s see how the load is now.  Announcing the third and final bonus chapter of the day: Book 6, Chapter 10 – Captured.  This is a fun one folks!  Enjoy the read, and remember to please have your Adblock off if you enjoy the site!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of Beserker and Darkanlan (again!!)!  Big props to Beserker and Darkanlan!  The queue for Chapter 11 has been cleared by Serpentine!  The queue for Chapter 12 has been cleared by Waraich! EDIT: The queue for Chapter 13 has been cleared by AF from Wisconsin!  And the queue for Chapter 14 has been started by CS from Indiana, MS from Germany, Abhniav, and Gratitude Hack!  Thanks, all you lovely donors…and thank you, lovely readers!  Now…fingers crossed that the site can hold on!

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    1. Great to hear, LuDongBin, and great to see you over here! Yeah, the server feels much faster to me as well. I guess you really do get what you pay for, eh?

  1. wow, thank you, patterson f***ed up bigtime though…..
    New server seems to be holding, even though we can’t say anything yet since those crazy f5 campers creating their mini-ddos are on hold right now until you release your next chapter

  2. Hey RWX i am a new reader of xianxia genere and i am really hooked on this….
    I am curruntly reading CD, ST, SS and douluo dalu. I was wondering if you have any suggestions regarding some already translated novels for me to try???
    I would like if the story is not dark and if the main character is OP then it’s all the better…

    P.S: if any of you fellow readers want to suggest something then you all r welcome….

    Thank u in advance 😉

    1. Hey Darklegacy, honestly, I’m not aware of ANY translations of Xianxia at all aside from the ones you stated, so no dice. SPCNET has a lot of ‘traditional’, old school Wuxia novels, some of which are awesome, so you can give those a shot!

    2. Zhu Xian, got the whole taoist magic thingy going, but more than that, even i’m not able to find…. and be warned, the translator ‘skipped’ the first 70 chapters cause someone else did it….. Those 70 chapters could only be described as jamming rusty nails into your eyes………….. But i really like the story…. if only there was a normal translation thing going on:(

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