New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 1

Good morning, beautiful people…and Happy New Year to those who are living in Asia!  No work today means a bonus chapter a few hours earlier.  We have started Book 1, and embarked on The Road to Revenge.  Announcing the release of Book 6, Chapter 1 – The Dusty Affairs of the Past.  Read, enjoy, and remember to have your Adblock off for this website, newcomers!

This 3700 word bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of a kind donation via Calintz20.  Thank you so much, Calintz20!  And as always, I would also like to thank each and every other reader and commenter.  Thank you for coming and being part of this community!

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    1. “Towards you and Wharton, my heart is filled with boundless remorse, but there is no way for me to do right by you two any longer. I only hope that you two will be able to live for a long period of time in peace, which is why I have instructed your Uncle Hillman to only provide this letter to you when you have become a warrior of the sixth rank.”

      You mean seventh?

  1. So one think I don’t get.

    Why “warrior” of the seventh rank?

    I know that with warrior he meant warrior/magus of the seventh rank.

    But a “Warrior” of the seventh rank, is something different then a magus of the seventh rank. I am right?
    Its a little bit confusing….

    1. I’m guessing since I can’t read the raws…. But whatever the character for “warrior” was, should have a few meanings. And a warrior isn’t always necessarily a melee fighter like you’re thinking. I did a quick google translate on the raws for fun this morning before it was posted, and it reads it as something like “seven people” instead of seventh rank(That’s why I don’t usually bother trying to read Machine translations).
      So whatever the exact words are, the meaning should probably be a person of 7th rank strength. Whether with a sword, a staff, or a ham bone.

    2. The original text originally said ‘warrior’, 战士. I’m not sure why his father said warrior either, but since that’s what the original text was, I left it as warrior instead of combatant.

      1. maybe it because it is deemed easier to become a warrior of the 7th rank then it is to become a magus of the 7th rank.

        All the chapters been saying a 6th rank warrior is easy to come by so long as they work hard enough in training there body.
        Even in the beginning Hillman said “Remember, even if you aren’t able to cultivate battle qi, in principle, if you reach your body’s fullest potential, you can still become a warrior of the sixth rank! ”

        And Hogg said “Just from training alone, we can become warriors of the sixth rank. Your great grandfather, based on training alone, managed to become a warrior of the seventh rank”

        So most likely this was meant to hold him back the same way Hogg held back for the sake of his kids.

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