New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 9

*yawn* *rubs the sleep out of his eyes*

New Chapter Release!  Book 5, Chapter 9 – Abduction.  Read it while it’s hot!  I finished this half last night, and got up bright and early this morning to finish it off for y’all early.  Enjoy the read!  Remember to have your Adblock off, and to discuss anything you like afterwards at the forums!

This 3600 word bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of Noxicon, PoMBoSs, and JH in Finland!  Thanks to the donors, and thanks to all readers and supporters!  Queue cleared, whew!  Breakfast time.

Also thanks for the new donations from LM in Croatia, HR from the UK, Zekeinferno, and ‘Gawd’!  EDIT: Thanks as well to SDN in Toronto, JJ in Finland, and BL in Brooklyn.  Your donations have been added to the total running in the queue!  DOUBLE EDIT – And just as I finish saying this, a final donation from JB in Ontario pushes us into a second bonus chapter territory!  Time for me to get to work again… T.T

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    1. I got it Noxicon! I’m so sorry, I think my brain was on autopilot; for some reason, I credited you as ‘RB from Germany’. I don’t know what I was thinking. Fixed! I’ll put it down as Noxicon. Thank you so much!!!

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