New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 8

Tri-tri-triiiiiple bonus chapter!  New Chapter Release!  Book 5, Chapter 8 – The Upper Classes of the Yulan Continent has now been released!  Check it out at the link, and feel free to come to to discuss afterwards!  As a public service reminder, Wuxia World is an Adblock free zone 😛

Like the previous chapter, this 3700 word bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of OD from Germany, BL in Brooklyn, JY in Hawaii, BlueFireGod, TW from the UK, an anonymous donor from the Maldives, VN from Texas, AC from California, and another AC from Georgia!  Thank you guys so much, and thanks to every reader and supporter of Coiling Dragon!  Bonus queue is cleared!  Yay me!

Also a big thanks to Noxicon for your donation just now!  Your donation has been added to the queue pool.  Thank you!

EDIT – Spoke too soon. Thanks to PoMBoSs and JH in Finland for their donations just now. There is a chapter in the queue again. Sigh. T.T I need to take a walk and get my muscles moving. If I have energy when I get back, I’ll try and start work on it, but honestly, a fourth chapter will probably need to wait for tomorrow 😛

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