New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 7

New Chapter Release!  Book 5, Chapter 7 – Second in History has now been released!  Check it out at the link, and feel free to come to to discuss afterwards!  Remember, Adblock off at Wuxia World, pretty please!

Like the previous chapter, this 3600 word chapter was brought to you courtesy of BL in Brooklyn, JY in Hawaii, BlueFireGod, TW from the UK, an anonymous donor from the Maldives, VN from Texas, AC from California, and another AC from Georgia!  Thank you guys so much, and thanks to every reader and supporter of Coiling Dragon!

In addition, thanks to OD from Germany for your recent donation!  This donation of yours tops off the queue, which was previously just a bit short, so I now have one chapter in the queue (again).  Oh boy.  Time for a quick jog so my muscles don’t atrophy from all this time in front of the computer!

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      1. Do you have a Gravatar account? It looks like you linked up your Gravatar account, which is where the profile pic is drawn from. Thanks for registering and coming! I would like to play it, but aside from Xmas day, y’all have kept me busy.

  1. Omg after waking up i had 2 chapters to read then after a gaming session withsome friends there are another 2 chapters… I´m in heaven, and there is even the possibility for another one coming

    Thanks Ren, you are becoming more and more Godlike^^

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