New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 6

Happy weekend guys!  New Chapter Released!  Book 5, Chapter 6 – Applying For Graduation is now live!  Get it while it’s hot, and remember, Adblock off! After reading, remember that you can always go discuss the latest chapter in the forums, at!

This 3700 word chapter was brought to you courtesy of BL in Brooklyn, JY in Hawaii, BlueFireGod, TW from the UK, an anonymous donor from the Maldives, VN from Texas, AC from California, and another AC from Georgia!  Big round of applause to you guys!  And big thanks to every reader and supporter of Coiling Dragon!

Also, major thanks to the new donations from SY in Oklahoma, and AT from New York!  Your donations have been added to the counter, after I subtracted 80 for completing this bonus chapter!  More chapters coming today, but first, I need lunch!

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