New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 3

So I knew I said I didn’t really want to translate on Christmas…but goshdarnit, you guys have been great, so here’s a bonus chapter a day earlier than I was intending to translate it.  Book 5, Chapter 3 – Piercing the Heavens.  Read it while it’s hot, and remember, Adblock off ;).

Big thanks to the new donations from TN from Texas, BA from Georgia, and TF from France; their donations topped off the bonus meter and helped encourage me to get this chapter out early. This bonus chapter came courtesy of them, and of KP in Canada, WL in New York, and AC of Australia.  Thank you all!  Muah!

Okay, now that the bonus queue has been cleared, it is SERIOUSLY time for some Dragon Age: Inquisition!!!!

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