New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 16

It’s amazing how much time you actually have to work on something if you devote every spare minute to it (such as the time on your bus ride home, etc.).  Announcing: Book 5, Chapter 16 – An Owner Found!  Enjoy the read, and please remember, new friends, have your Adblock off at Wuxia World!

This 3700 word bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of Chronos 5884, Kaberial, BG from Australia, JL of Sweden, JL of Brooklyn and CF of France!  2 out of 3 down, 1 more in the queue to go!  This next chapter will be the final chapter in Book 5, which I can’t believe I blew through in like a week and a half.  Big thanks to the donors and to fans of Coiling Dragon; thanks for coming and thanks for reading!

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  1. This is my first comment here 🙂
    I wants to seriously thank you ren, I just found xianxia genere just this november and i am already hooked on this….
    I seriously thank you for using your precious time to translate this godly work so that whole word can enjoy this ride….

    P.S: For all the popes and saints in the world I have found my god his name is ‘I Eat Tomatoes’… And his saints (RWX and Mathew12) are succesfully connecting us to him 🙂

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