New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 15

Luuunch release again!  A few hours in the early morning and an hour at lunch.  Allow me to introduce you to: Book 5, Chapter 15 – A Sky High Price.  Have fun doing some light reading at lunch!

This 3600 word bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of Chronos 5884, Kaberial, BG from Australia, JL of Sweden, JL of Brooklyn and CF of France!  1 out of 3 down, 2 more in the queue to go!  Big thanks to them and to all Coiling Dragon readers; you guys are the best!

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    1. Thanks for registering and commenting, [H]! I use Android, so I really don’t have much of a use for itunes. Amazon and/or Paypal are both okay, although Paypal’s easier. If neither is convenient, don’t worry about it, just enjoy the ride!

      1. I cant use either, the cards is from usa, dont work in brazilian itunes. I have gained from etihad in my last trip to china . Anyway if you dont use i will see what can i do.
        If you can make sense about what i write, english is my 3 language, actually im still learning using your translation. Thx for your work again ren.

        1. Don’t worry too much about donations. Just enjoy the ride! And I’m glad that this is helping you with your English studies! Your English is perfectly understandable 🙂

  1. New fundraising thought, first post costs a Euro or something.
    Anyway, I’m impressed at the release ethic you have going. You seem to be channeling the main character.

    How confident are you on the translation? I can’t read Mandarin, but I’m considering using your English translation for a Greek translation if you don’t mind.

    1. Hi Volos, I do not want this to be a pay-to-play type of website in any way, shape, or form. Thanks!

      I am very confident in my translation. Feel free to use my translation as the basis of your own, as long as you credit me and Tomatoes as the source 🙂

  2. ren can you tell me in what place in the world you live to get a feeling what your time is because when you say it’s luch break reading time it’s already 18.00-19.00 hours in the evening here in the netherlands ( paris global time i think)
    thank you

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