New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 14

Final chapter release of the day!  Not sure how I managed to get this out and done, but here it is – Book 5, Chapter 14 – The Auction!  Enjoy reading and discussing in comments or at the forums, and new readers, please make sure the Adblock is off for Wuxia World!

This 3700 word bonus chapter was sponsored by donations from Chronos5884, Kaberial, and BG from Australia.  Big thanks and big round applause to them, and as ever, to you, the readers and followers of Coiling Dragon!  We’re all done for today, but stay tuned; there’s two more chapters in the queue for tomorrow! EDIT: Thank you as well to the new donations from JL of Sweden and CF of France! That puts us up to three chapters in the queue again. Oh boy…this spree is…lasting longer than I thought it would.  囧

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    1. Hrm….It’s hard to explain because there are many reasons.
      She is a noble lady generally speaking. Noble ladies have higher expectations on them. The statue shows that Linley and Alice had an intimate relationship. Even if Alice and Linley both deny sleeping together, people will believe they are just covering up. Also, if they hear the story, people will understand that Alice left Linley because of money and won’t believe she loves Kalan.

      As for Kalan, he loses “face”. His wife looks like second hand material. She also looks like a money grubber. And technically Kalan did BUY her away from Linley. It has a lot of room for scandal and slander in the future. Also, like with Yale, people who like Linley or want to get on his good side will purposely do things to cause Kalan problems. It’s possible that he might even have to leave the Holy Union in the end.

      There are probably more reasons…but yeah.

  1. Many thanks Ren! Y’know once this series finishes, which will be quick haha at this rate 😛 would you consider translating the last books of “Stellar Transformations”? Cos that has been picked up and dropped twice :'( and its such an awesome novel! just like this one! Same author afterall lol

        1. give the dear men some rest would you 😛 we don’t want him to get sick and then we have to wait maybe a week to get it, maybe tomorrow when there is no queu i might get handy 🙂 and friday i get my salary so at least 20-30 euro’s are coming your way.

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