New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 13

I started working while on the bus ride back from work.  Without further ado, I present: Book 5, Chapter 13 – The Old Master!  This is actually a chapter I like a lot, so have and enjoy!  Remember to pretty please have your Adblock off at!

This 3600 word bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of a group donation effort from SDN from Ontario, JY from Hawaii, CH from New Jersey, AB from Texas, Honaidy, NH from Hyderabad, CF from France, JV from Australia, PN from Germany, SW in Washington, GS in Illinois, and Kroko!  Big thanks to them, and as always, to all of you as well, readers!  Queue cleared.  Whew! EDIT – So um…the queue is filled several times over now. Big thanks to donors Chronos5884, Kaberial, and BG from Australia. Let me see if I can squeeze another chapter out tonight…oh boy…

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      1. lol i noticed i saw it one second and was thinking “These Broke azz people need to Donate” then check again and it’s at 360% lol 😛 love you Ren feel free to take plenty of breaks if you feel dizzy or anything lay down and rest THIS IS AN ORDER!!!

      2. Yeah, lol. I’m a big fan of releases. But it might be about time to post some kind of enforced daily limit. Otherwise you might never go to bed on time or sleep in again, lol.

        1. I made this account just to say thank you Ren but take your time that force limit 362% is crazy taking brakes is needed so time them also go to bed on time we lechers demand this.

          1. Thanks for posting and for registering, IronCinder! I appreciate it deeply. If I can’t handle it, I will let you guys know.

  1. Thanks for the chapter Ren! And seriously, if this donation tempo keeps up, I think you might have to consider setting up a few days every week when you won’t translate chapters. Otherwise, I don’t know how will can keep up with this insanity 🙂

  2. The new chapter hype! This release rate is insane, comparing to all the novels I read that are active. I love how the site traffic has simply exploded in the past week.

    Thank you Ren for introducing us to this great Chinese story. I’ve been a fan of Wuxia since childhood, but have never come across an interesting translated novel. Super awesome that you get a kick from doing what you enjoy.

    1. Word. Multiple chapter releases a day is the fastest I’ve ever seen it.
      Some rich guys have gotten addicted xD
      Other novels might have multiple releases in a day because multiple translators are working at the same time.
      Ren is alone.
      I’m starting to feel sorry for him.
      I really enjoy the fast releases, but it’d be bad if he crashed and the releases stopped altogether.

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