New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 11

Alright, you crazy people, you managed to squeeze another chapter out of me today before I went to bed after all.  New Chapter Release!  Book 5, Chapter 11 – A Lack of Money has been released!  Click on the link, and feel free to discuss it on the forums afterwards!  New guests, please remember to pretty please turn off your Adblock!

This 3600 bonus word chapter was brought to you by JL from Brooklyn, JB in Minnesota, SDN in Toronto (repeat donor!), AM in Tennessee, DT from Iowa, SW from Germany, and HS from Denmark.  Big round of applause to them, and big thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, and (hopefully) sharing!  Queue cleared!  Now it’s time for bed….zzz…..

EDIT: So I woke up about 2.5 hours ago, and, um, saw that my queue has been filled again….twice.  A big round of applause for SDN from Ontario, JY from Hawaii, CH from New Jersey, AB from Texas, Honaidy, NH from Hyderabad, CF from France, and JV from Australia!  I was so moved that I’ve spent the past 2.5 hours working on this sucker so I can get it out to you fast.  I should be able to get it done at around lunch, Eastern Time (I eat at my desk anyways).  Cheers!

EDIT 2: Also big thanks to PN from Germany, and our very own Kroko!  Thanks so much, you too!  Your donations have been added to the queue!

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