New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 10

New Chapter Release!  Book 5, Chapter 10 – Status has just been released!  Read and enjoy, and remember to have your Adblock off at Wuxia World!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of donors LM in Croatia, HR from the UK, Zekeinferno, ‘Gawd’, SDN in Toronto, JJ in Finland, and BL in Brooklyn, and JB in Ontario.  Queue cleared again!  Big thanks and round of applause for all of you, and for every reader and commenter as well!

Also, big thanks to JL from Brooklyn for your new donation, which starts off the next queue.  EDIT: And thank you to JB in Minnesota, SDN in Toronto (repeat donor!), and AM in Tennessee!  Your donations have been added to the queue charge.  Thank all of you so much!  And now, time for some more Dragon Age Inquisitions…mmm…

EDIT: So, Um, I lied.  I have another chapter in the queue again.  Big thanks to donors DT from Iowa, SW from Germany, and HS from Denmark.  Queue is filled up again.  I’m really feeling kinda pooped today though…I’ll see if I can squeeze out that third chapter.  Whew…this would be like, the third day of three chapters in a row…

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  1. RWX i am very happy that we get so many bonus chapters thanks to the donations ^^… but what happened to the bi-weekly normal releases ?
    just asking 🙂 i hope this doesn´t sound like i´m not grateful for all the translating that you´ve done, because i am !!!

    so… a VERY BIG “THANK YOU REN!!!!!!!” from me

    1. Hi Maghinov! Thanks so much for registering and commenting! I appreciate you coming to visit and read Coiling Dragon! To answer your question, the regular chapters for this week were Book 5, Chapter 2, and Book 5, Chapter 5. As a quick note, as explained in ‘bonus releases’, my commitment is to at least 1-2 chapters/week, not necessarily 2 every weak; this being Xmas week, I was honestly planning to take a break and just do one, but thanks to the warm fuzzies from all of the supporters, I went ahead and did two. Thanks for coming, and enjoy reading!

  2. Get some rest man you been popping out chapter like crazy play your game recover thy self then give us the next bonus chapter we can wait (since even if we can not we that all we can do to see the next chapter short of going to a machine translation).

  3. TY For the constant releases! And thank you donators for donating!

    Atleast I could get these few chapters in before going to sleep!
    If only it could not end at a cliffhanger for once, then i could sleep in peace instead of bashing F5 for the new chapter @ 5:30 in the morning >.>

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