New Chapter Release! Book 5, Chapter 1

New Chapter Release!  First chapter of Book 5 – The Godsword, Bloodviolet!  Book 5, Chapter 1 – The Mysterious Magical Formation.  Have fun reading, all!  Thanks for having your Adblock turned off!

Thanks to SW from Washington!  This 3500 word bonus chapter came courtesy of donations from SW, RB in the UK, and NZ from Germany! And with this, the bonus queue is cleared. Whew! Time for a break; I bought Dragon Age Inquisition like a week ago, and haven’t had any time off to play it :P. But seriously, thank every donor all so much! And thanks to every single reader, commenter, or otherwise supporter of this translation! Muah!

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  1. Ren after all this time I can finally access this glorious site, for once fortune smiles upon me!!
    Merry Christmas to all and may joy come to those who seek it!

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