New Chapter Release! Book 4, Chapter 17

A new 3700 word bonus chapter has been released!  Book 4, Chapter 17 – The Gloomy Depths.  Click to read and enjoy!  I was hoping to get three chapters out today instead of two, but given I do have a full time job and these new long chapters are taking 3-4 hours each…it’ll be tough.

Thank you for the new donation from JB from Cali!  This bonus chapter came courtesy of donations from JB, PS, GS, TL, MA, NZ, JV, CP, and especially a donor from Washington who wishes to remain anonymous.  Thank you all, and of course, thank you loyal readers!

You may also have noticed that Google Adsense is finally working; please let me know if it is too ugly or obstructing, and I’ll play around with it.

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