New Chapter Release! Book 4, Chapter 15

New bonus chapter released!  Book 4, Chapter 15 – Return to the Foggy Valley.  Click to read!

This will be the last chapter of this weekend, which saw me translate a stupidly high number of words; five ‘double length’ chapters and two ‘normal length’ chapters, for a crazy total of ~22000 Chinese words!  This 3600 word bonus chapter came courtesy of donations from GS, TL, MA, NZ, JV, CP, and especially a donor from Washington who wishes to remain anonymous.  Thank you, and of course, thank you readers and commenters!

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    1. i’m just curious if there will be anymore chapters today Btw YOU AWESOME REN!!!!! i still miss stellar transformations but this is definitely getting there i want linley to get with Delia when he gets back XD

        1. Hey Ren by the way I reread the story just today an Chapter 20 (book 3) didn´t have the “previous & next” chapter buttons.

          just to inform you^^ Go Ren you rock!

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