New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 4

Good night guys!  Sorry this came out a bit late; I got distracted by some ads being weird (more on that later).  Anyhow, presenting to you, my friends, your third and final chapter of the day!  Book 11, Chapter 4 – Deity Level Magical Beast.  Enjoy the additional lore and backstory in this chapter!  If you do, please consider joining me in thanking the generous donors who made it possible; MCL of Malaysia, BS of North Carolina, JJ of Norway, VG of Houston, WB of Netherlands, and JB of Singapore.  Thank you so much!

Readers, we’re currently doing some new ad testing, and it seemed to work for a while, but for some reason, it was screwing with the sidebar by somehow shifting the entire sidebar left, making it become half-hidden behind the main content, so instead of having them ‘share’ the same spot as Adsense, I’m sticking them at the very bottom for now until I can figure out what was causing it.  If anyone here has an idea, please feel to let me know; there are (many) times when being a webmaster without being a techy sucks!  Thanks so much!  🙂

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  1. If I could see the code for the adds and the sidebar I could see what I can do to do that I just need to know a couple things. What WordPress theme are you using? What addon are you using for the ads and what caused the adds to glitch out?

    1. Hi yscob99, it is a custom theme which MiPo worked on. I’m just using the ‘text’ box for the ads, and I have no idea what’s causing them to glitch. The Google ads are rock steady; these are the Lijit ads which are causing the problem (which I’m sticking at the bottom). You can see the ad code as thus ( I removed the script/script type part of the ad codes).

      “text/javascript” src=”″>

  2. That explains the the “screen blow out” I’ve seen the last few days … about every third time I load the site it would do that with or without my ad block running. You might want to see what the resource drag is on those new ads.
    edit: Yep, it’s definitely caused by the GIF / video type ad.

    1. Nah, screen blow out isn’t caused by that, it’s caused by an improper detection method. Basically, the website thinks you are on mobile and shifts you to the mobile format, which has no sidebar. This is totally different =\

      1. cool, might be caused from my Wi – Fi connection on the computer false registering as a mobal. I get something like that every once in a while in my classroom as an error code, seems to be caused by a non – invasive malware (don’t know the name with out checking the quarantine log) as it’s fine today for both after running Malewarebytes last night. only a couple of places I could of picked it up too … guess I got to block the ads on again …

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