New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 37

Hey guys, sorry for the late release! I overslept, and it was kinda glorious, hehe. Presenting Book 10, Chapter 37 – The Power of Magicite Cannons. Enjoy the read! Since I’m running a bit late, I put up the ‘preview’ without the actual ‘preview’ text, which will be updated in 15 minutes. If you enjoy the chapter, please consider joining me in thanking our generous donor Waraich, who sponsored this chapter. Thank you so much, Waraich!

I’ll be getting the preview up shortly, but in the mean time, readers new and old, let me remind as always that we are an ad-supported website, and the server fees are supported by our pay-per-click ads, which don’t show up if the ads are blocked, so please consider supporting us by making sure your Adblocking software is off. Thanks! 🙂

8 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 37” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. one of the ads is see: Fall in love with hot Asian girls.

    you might want to monitor some of those ads to some that viewers might actually click instead of something that look like potential virus.

    1. Hey yyaommli, I can go ahead and disable dating related ads (or at least, try to), if it bothers you a lot :). There shouldn’t be any viruses in this exchange, since this is operated by Google.

        1. I don’t really mind. Though, I can’t say I would be interested in that (I think there are better ways if you actually are) but then again, I can’t say I’m interested in a lamp from monoqi or 15 days of trial for some online mmo game either. But that’s ads for you, they are never relevant.

          So rejoice Ren, it’s just for you I’m turning them on. And as long as its not some video that starts playing or something that makes noise I’ll keep them. (I absolutely abhor those sort of ads, not that google supplies those)

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