New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 36

Evenin’ guys! Well, technically, it’s midnight, but anyhow, here’s your third and final sponsored chapter of the day! Book 10, Chapter 36 – The Door. Enjoy! This chapter was sponsored by our generous donor, DL of Washington, so please consider joining me in a round of applause for his generosity! Thanks, DL!

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    1. 😀 hey hey most of peak saint levels waited more than 5 thousand years and didn’t pass but with new mysterious training room more likely within half or one century but i don’t know about his ki level would be sufficient

        1. i don’t think so because when linley’s normal body without dragon form his insight was fairly high but wasn’t saint and he is arch magus but not saint i think this same at deity level but i don’t think they would need thousands year to increase ki level

  1. Thanks for the chapter! BTW I noticed that the mobile view when browsing in a mobile device only works on pages like this one. Individual chapter pages still looks like you are browsing in a PC browser. I’m not sure if its only me.

  2. I’m in law school …haven’t read for any of my courses for the past week.
    This book is soooooooo good!!!!!

    I’m suffering from mild depression now that I’ve caught up and have to wait for daily release. But even so, I really appreciate u Ren ….we’ve never met but I assure u that u r a very important person in my life right now.

    I wish so badly that I could read in mandarin ….u said it was ur passion for wuxia that originally motivated u to learn to read the characters. I can totally understand that after my exposure to coiled dragon. I’m a little addicted 😉

    I really want to learn myself now. Any tips or advice on where I should start?

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