New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 30

Evenin’ guys!  Here is your third and final sponsored chapter of the day: Book 10, Chapter 30 – Discovery.  Enjoy the read!  If you do, please consider joining me once again in a round applause for the generous donor who sponsored this chapter; DG!  Thank you so much once again, DG!  DG has sponsored six chapters for us, so all of tomorrow’s chapters are owed to him as well!

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  1. Hey Ren this is a cry for help! I typed a really long heartfelt message to Aequitas on spcnet about the debacle currently on going, but when I tried to post it I was denied T_T and it deleted it too. I mean yes I made an account there just so I could talk about it but come on! grrr! Sorry now that’s outta my system… Do you mind reposting what I type here to him?
    Here goes:

    Dear Aequitas,
    A shorter version of my original message. Please Please Please don’t give up!
    Just because Rylain posts faster means nada. The first Chinese novel I began to read is Douluo Dalu. I learned about ST, CD, and Swallowed Star on their google drive. However, when I first learned about ST I was originally Not going to read it. I saw that He-man has been abducted by aliens and I did not want to start reading what by all indications was an awesome novel only to be left with it unfinished.
    It breaks my heart to read unfinished novels. However, I discovered a ray of light. The translation was being picked up! Guess who that was… Anybody? I’ll give a hint, it starts with an A. So when I learned this, I began to read read ST. You are the reason I have joined this community. You are the reason I know what Wuxia and Xanxia are. ST was my first Xanxia novel. As much as I love CD Ren, and as much as I love Swallowed Star Zebulin, Aequitas Your translations are my favorite.
    If you stop translating the story because of this… Then I will Stop reading ST. It won’t be the same without you. Saima and James as well, please don’t let this get to you. I truly appreciate all hard work and long hours you guy put in to this.
    Another note is that your translations are better and make more sense. You also have decided to stick with the terms that he-man coined, as well as the names he used. Let me say that I find it excruciatingly difficult to differentiate most Chinese names from each other. This may sound ignorant, but to me with all the similar spellings and one or two letter differences a lot of the names sound the same. I am a fast reader. I’ve had to read at an exponentially slower rate than normal just to be able to keep the characters straight T_T. And finally, finally, after 10 plus books I’m starting to be able to tell them apart. Even if I wanted to switch to the other guy, which I DO NOT, there is no Way in Hell I’m putting many more hours into re-learning the same characters I am barely able to recognize as it is.
    Please know your work is valued, at the very least, by me. However I highly doubt I am the only person who has been Impacted by your work, so please don’t feel your efforts are in vain. And yes I read your really long post where you stated how you felt, before it was deleted. I even created an account on spcnet specifically to respond to you. For a reason I do not know the site would not let me reply and deleted my even longer, than this one, reply to you. It’s just that I’m such poor typer I wanted you to get this as fast as possible so I’m keeping it short.
    You have my Gratitude for introducing me to this genre of fiction, regardless of what you decide to do. This genre is now one of my favorites; this is not from a lack of exposure to literary works either. I have well over 10,000 novels in my life. I’m a professional editor. So I give my thanks to you for getting me into things.

    1. P.S. Sorry for posting such an off topic message on this page Ren, but it was the only way I could figure out to get it posted. I posted here instead of the ST Index in hopes that you would see it quicker.

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