New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 29

Hey guys, get off work yet? If you have, YAY! We’re halfway through the work week! We’ll get through it together! And, if you are at home and resting, please enjoy the second sponsored chapter of the day: Book 10, Chapter 29 – Glory. This chapter was sponsored by DG of Germany, who, much like Crimson, was awesome enough to sponsor two DAYS of chapters for you guys! Please consider joining me in a warm round of applause for DG! Thanks so much for your generosity, DG!

Thank everybody for your submissions as well! I’m reading through them. I’ll keep the post up for another day or two, and then I’ll make my decision. Thanks again!

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  1. Hey Ren, if by any chance you decide to choose my synopsis to post it, don’t feel inclined to post it entirely and edit it as you see fit.

    Thanks for the chapter, will we have 3 chapters today?

  2. Ren, when you are done with Coiling Dragon, are you going to take a break and then continue with another wuxia/xianxia/LN? Or maybe you are going to start translate ST or Desolate Era?

    Thanks for the chapter anyways!

    1. He did say that if no one translated ST by the time he finished Coiling Dragon he might pick it up. I just hope he picks up some of the more popular IET books. I heard there is a very good one and everyday I have to hold myself back to try not to machine translate it and try to read it.

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