New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 28

Hi guys, running a bit late again, so don’t have time to chat, but just wanted to let you know that Book 10, Chapter 28 – Submission is up!   Enjoy the read, and consider joining me in thanking Crimson of CA for this final chapter he sponsored!  Thanks Crimson!

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  1. Thanks Ren for giving us a chapter.

    And also thanks for giving me a chance to see and find the Plugin S3, somehow half the loading of my site is because of jetpack. 15% were some plugins which i just installed once, activated and thought of using but never started using it. I disabled them and now my site loads faster.

  2. Hey Ren, did you change something with the ads? Until today, even with the AdBlock off, I wasn’t able to see the ads on this website… the other extension I have installed (Incognito) does not allow to make exceptions for a single website…

    Just wondering…

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

      1. Yep… it might be it. It seems that Incognito blocks every attempt from google to track info through the browser and thats why I could not see the ads until today.

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