New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 25

Mornin’ people! I got some good news and some bad news. Bad news is, my plumbing is backed up so I had to wait here instead of go to work. Good news is, that means the chapter comes out earlier! AND, I beat the F5’ers for once! Book 10, Chapter 25 – Twelve Years in the Blink of an Eye is released! Once again, all of today’s chapters are sponsored by our noble donor, Crimson of CA, so if you enjoy this chapter, please consider joining me in a big thank you to Crimson!

Readers, as I constantly harp (and hope I’m not too annoying about it), we are an ad-supported website, so if you would be willing to turn off your Adblock for our clickable ads here, it’d be deeply, deeply appreciated. We’re currently at around 31% Adblock rate! 🙂

17 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 25” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’m just sorry that bad news for you turns into good news for us!
    Almost wish you could stay home and translate everyday 😉
    But that would be bad taste 🙁

    1. I’d say the former, why only though?
      Since I doubt all users have adblock, if 35% have asblock, of which 31% are blocking the site, that makes a huge difference!

      1. Not sure but I’d imagine the majority of people use adblock. Of the visitors here, given the numbers, 31% of users turning it off for the site would be quite remarkable. But given how crazy everyone is about CD, how awesome Ren is, how active the F5 Army is and how often Ren “harps” about it, I’d wish for 69%.

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