New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 19

Hi guys, sorry for the late release! I promised you I’d get the chapters out later, and I keep my promises! Book 10, Chapter 19 – Kingdom has been released! Enjoy the read, and if you do, please consider thanking our generous sponsors for this chapter; Grawler and KG of Washington. Thank you so much, guys!

Now, when I promised you guys three chapters today, I didn’t realize that the queue was empty xD. And cuz it’s my birthday week, I’m going to be hyper and let myself say a quick, ‘QUEUE CLEARED! WOO!’ Now, technically I did three regular chapters last week, so I could say one of them counts for this week xD But I’m not going to do that, don’t worry! I’ll get started on this week’s regular chapter right away, no fear! The past few days, my schedule has been a bit off, but I promise we’re getting back on track today! Have fun!

Also, as always, let me remind our friends that this is an ad-supported website, so if you are willing to turn off your Adblock here, I would be extremely grateful! Thanks so much!

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  1. Wow… This community is insane… In this site was the first time ever that someone threatened someone else that he will give him money… Just wow 😀

    1. my thoughts exactly.

      and this site (should i say world instead?) just got new resident translator(s) too. the influx of new ‘citizens’ will be massive. coincidetally when linley is founding his kingdom too.

      edit: even posting comment on release announcement page need to try several times now

        1. all the statistic you laid out every month, is there a function in wordpress to convert it to graphical chart instead of only words/numbers?

          the graph/stats on your next break would make any stock traders cough blood in envy

    2. You can only get a community like this by having a translator as dedicated and reliable as Ren. Our addiction is only half the story, because Ren consistently delivers people WANT to donate because we want to show our appreciation for all the hard work.

      1. Actually, it’s more that when I’m translating, I don’t let myself look at other things, because I’ll be easily distracted. I just finished this chapter and am responding to comments. I’ll put chapter up soon, then do the tally!


  3. Ren do you still remember what happend LAST TIME , when u said “Quere cleared”? 😀 I dare to say that there will be a few ones to donate a bit so you have no break.

  4. Yeah ren dont worry u ha my full support n outmost gratidude, too bad the money exchange rate in my country still inflating quite hard towards dollar because of president election a while ago hehhh.. so as of right now i cant give a donation yet… maybe in the future…
    btw thanks again for the chapter

  5. A biiit to cocky Ren…

    Now, the donators must assemble!

    Actually saying this, I realize that this is a lot more like the Avengers than I realize… A ton of people donating and helping to crush Ren under a large pile of money, and then I’m here not donating or helping, and just saying “Donators, Assemble!!!”.

    Also, Ren, can we still order stuff via Amazon to help support you? I can’t find the button thing. I need to order an eye patch.

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