New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 16

Morning guys. So I am hung-over as HELL, but I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting too long. LOL. And I have to be responsible to the generous donors who waited so long for this chapter; KG of Washington, GM of Washington, MCL of Malaysia, JW of Vermont, MK of Turkey, and NS of Massachusetts. Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy today’s chapters (I’m not sure if I can do four), because they are…well, you’ll like them. Book 10, Chapter 16 – Baruch is up!

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  1. Maybe you need to let linley punch you back into shape. I’m sure he’d be quite good at that ^^

    But I’m glad we’ll finally get over that clifhanger and that you’ve had a splendid birthday (I did wish you a happy birthday did I? I hope I did…)

    And don’t worry about getting 4 chapters out, do whatever you feel is feasible. We’ll wait as long as it takes. (says the leech)

  2. Okay so I am willing to turn off adblock on this domain but I don’t understand how that helps when I assume you only get money when someone clicks on it. Is there some way that the ads can tell when they are being blocked?

    1. Hi prairieeagle, it depends! The ad network I am currently using is mostly PPC, but there is some that is pay per view, and I am also looking for some other pay per view ads networks!

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