New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 11

Good afternoon, guys! Off work yet? I’m off work and I have a chapter for ya! xD Second sponsored chapter of the day: Book 10, Chapter 11 – The Order Comes Down. The story goes in a direction I don’t think any of you were expecting. Get ready for fuuuuun! And as you read and enjoy the chapter, please consider joining me in once again thanking the generous Strauss Akbara, who sponsored all three of today’s chapters! Thank you, Strauss Akbara, and thank you, readers!

Now, people, not to hype you up, but Wuxia World might have an exciting (at least, I think it is) announcement coming up soon, so stay tuned! Big things are (hopefully) afoot for us!

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17 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 11” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I posted this in the chapter, but I will literally name a child after you if the announcement has to with “stellar” things. Ok, maybe a pet, can’t guarantee that my wife would be willing to give me a third child 😛

  1. Ren i deserve a cookie for figuring the big surprise out. In honor of your birthday you will release chapter 16 and 17 to celebrate this joyous occasion. The list of thanks gave it away.

  2. So thought i’d ask here cuz i’m not sure where else to ask, but whats with the site going up then down, then up again? Is the F5 army increasing the server load again :P?

  3. I have been really depressed lately and i didn’t get much sleep. i spent 3 days reading all the chapters and now i cant wait to sleep, because i know once i wake up there will be some new chapters to read 😀 Thank you for everything. once i get a job i will definitely repay your kindness. <3

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