New Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 1

Hi guys,

Here is your fourth (and yes, final) chapter of the day. This is a regular chapter, and will NOT be deducted from the queue. Alas, while I was able to get this one out, I’m not prepared to work until 3 AM to get out the fifth chapter, so you’ll have to make do! I will do another regular chapter tomorrow to make up, since I was planning to do two regular chapters this week. Anyhow, here it is – Book 10, Chapter 1 – Delia and Linley. Enjoy the read, gang!

FYI – We have recently changed adservers from Google AdSense to MonetizeMore, which uses the theoretically superior Google Ad Exchange, which should have more (and more interesting) ads that pay better as well. So if you are seeing new ads/ads that you never saw before, that is why. As usual, if there’s anything you see that you don’t like or you feel is inappropriate (popups, redirects, etc.), please let me know with the link and I will block them and make the necessary notifications. Thanks!


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    1. Same rules, because it’s still run by Google (it’s theoretically a ‘better’ version of Adsense, haha).

      If you guys REALLY want a chatbox, I guess I can create one on a page that has no ads whatsoever!

  1. These new ads are getting really irritating on android phones. There’s not only popups but also redirects. There’s these popups with ‘clean up your phone, its getting slow… ’ and then even if you press back(not the in-ad close but the system back) it redirects you to this applisu website which redirect you to some other site to some other site and so on. Worse thing is that the browser’s back button doesn’t get you back to this site.
    And dare you press OK on that popup it automatically opens up play store, without any system confirmations, with this suspicious app to “clean” up your phone.

    I’ve encountered such ads on certain other sites like pocket now and a quick fix is to change user agent on your browser (if it’s supported by your browser) from android to iPhone. But as you see that’s not the problem. These ads are clearly malicious, causing other apps on your phone like play store to automatically open up.
    I am positive my phone doesn’t already have any malicious apps that are causing this. I’ve tried it on other phones too… new phones with just stock apps. So nope, not my phone’s problem.

    I really hope you revert back to your old ad-server or get to some other adserver.

    1. Here are the redirects. At least some of them:
      One you get on them through the popup your browser opens up a new tab and has the back history of these sites and not what you were originally at.
      That tab with your site would have already been closed. I may be wrong on what’s happening here. But that’s just how I think it is.
      When you get back here from your history these popup are here again to cycle you back through this ride forever and ever.

      1. wingtree, these are still Google ads on AdExchange, so there should be no popup ads at all; Google 100% forbids popups and popunders, which are against its terms of service. I’m an Android user as well, and I haven’t gotten any of these, so it’s really weird! Are you absolutely certain that it isn’t your phone’s issue? I’ve tried on multiple phones and asked my parents to try (they both have Nexus 5’s) and they didn’t report any of these issues. In addition, the way adservers are set up, you shouldn’t be getting the same ad repeatedly, since Google will automatically switch ads. I strongly suspect that this is a phone issue, especially since it is the same thing that is coming up (haikexue). Try running some antiviruses. In the meantime, you can go to and install that so your Chrome browser can block all popups. Give that a shot!

        Also, try clearing your phone’s browsing data; I did some research and it seems some people solved the haikexue problem that way. Good luck!

          1. Thanks for coming out of the shadows to say so, cen05! And thanks for joining our little community! 😀


        Haikexue and its variants seems to be a known virus. “ usually comes bundled with the freeware that you download from an unsafe source, opens any spam emails or attachments or visits any malicious websites and etc. After it installed, it starts to monitor your online activities, collect the browsing habit as well as save your personal information privately to show you more ads that meet your appetite. can easily change PC’s settings involving the default start page, search engine, new tab page and etc. can take up most of your system resources which results in the slow performance of the whole affected system. It will displays lots of dangerous pop ups and spam email attachments on your screen. may replicate itself and damages several more surrounding computers connected to same or local networks.”

        1. It’s occurring on only a certain few sites. For a long time it used to occur on pocketnow. Now it’s on your site and it’s only occurred here starting today. I haven’t checked for the last 2 days but it’s never happened here before that. So, I strongly suspect it’s these ad-server.
          Here’s how the popup looks

          1. Yeah, this all looks like malware, bro. Appsliu is another malware; it looks like you got malware up the wazoo. Try clearing your cache; that should only take a few seconds.

            “ is a malicious browser redirection which can be caused by potentially unwanted program (PUP) or adware on the computer. The PUP or adware is capable to change the browser setting. Once the computer is infected, there may be many redirects begin to show on the browser. is one of the redirects. It is capable to hijack the default homepage and new tab. When you open the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, will pop up on your screen automatically without your permission. And then you will be redirected to other malicious sites. Apart from the annoying redirection, this infection can be the vision sight of malware on your computer. It is suggested to remove as soon as possible. And it is highly recommended to scan your computer with a powerful anti-virus like Spyhunter to find out other threats and remove them.”

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