New CD Chapters Released! Book 21, Chapters 38, 39

Hey guys, here’s the next two chapters! 39 down, 5 to go! I’m back in Hanoi now; barely had a chance to visit Hong Kong, given that I flew in near midnight on Thursday, then flew out 7 AM today (Saturday). Parents are in town the next few days for Thanksgiving, but it will not, I repeat, will NOT stop us from ending this sucker!

Book 21, Chapter 38 – Lies!
Book 21, Chapter 39 – Linley’s Fiery Rage

Enjoy the read, gents!

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  1. 2 more chapters left… see…

    1, 2, 3, 1, 2.. I only count 2 more chapter!!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work XD

    This was the series that properly introduced me to Wuxiaworld, and while not my gateway drug (Zhan Long, and Douluo Dalu claim that), it was what truly expanded my horizons to the wonderful world of Xianxia…

    It made me search for the novels and brought me to a whole new yet similar community…

    So Thank You!!!

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