21 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Releases! Book 21, Chapters 34, 35” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. (Checks calendar) Really hoping you’re not going to leave us hanging on that last chapter cause it’s rest day. I swear you always seem to miraculously take your rest day during the biggest cliff cause you miss some chapters

    1. Ah yes, the unexpected “trip into the boonies” that resulted in just enough chapters released to align with the 22nd…

      I always like to imagine Ren chuckling to himself throughout each rest day.

  2. Anyone taking bets on if Ren is going to troll the crap out of us and stop translating with 2 chapters left? Really appreciate all your hard work to date Ren. With out people like you I’d never have an opportunity to read great stories like these.

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