New CD Chapter Releases! Book 21, Chapters 28-30

Hey guys, I’m back early in Hanoi, after a long (and rough) week.  I wasn’t able to get as much translated as I hoped to, partially because there was more work than I thought there would be, and partially because some bastard stole my iPad Air 2, which REALLY put me in a foul mood.  Fortunately, my laptop wasn’t stolen, but still, $800 down the drain for me.  Bah!  Anyhow, enjoy these three chapters, and I’ll try to get another out my afternoon (your morning):

Book 21, Chapter 28 – Beginning to Act

Book 21, Chapter 29 – Windhunter

Book 21, Chapter 30 – Sovereign’s Emissaries

Enjoy the read!  Also, as you may have noticed, the CD queue has been shut down.  Given we have exactly one week’s worth of chapters left (14), there’s no point to me pretending I’m not going to finish this sucker off, with or without donations to the other novels xD.  Big thanks to everyone who has supported and donated over this past year to this massive, monumental project!  Our very final donors are:  RK of Texas, VP of France, anonymous, SirVic Fanatico, SM of Florida, HL of Germany, SK of Minnesota, & DL of Australia.

Lastly – I want to offer my prayers to Paris and to France. What an awful, awful thing this was to wake up to, this morning.

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  1. Ren, could you confirm what your plans are after 2 weeks?

    I hope you’re not done translation novels, because honestly I really fell in love with your work and what you shared to us. I think I saw that you planned to translate Against the Gods, which has 300 chapters before catching up..

  2. You’re the fastest translator I’ve found on the internet, you can take a whole month off or more for all I care. I’ve been thoroughly satisfied, I’m not even in a rush to see CD finished. But ATG….. I’m thankful to the ones translating but you’re speed has spoiled me too much and ATG is too good for my heart to take so few chapters a week. Please give some help, however small, to the project lol

  3. As this post includes the final sponsors… I must say, thank you to every person who ever sponsored for this series!!!

    Thanks you!!!

    And I hope you now transfer your schedule to ATG… 2 chapters from you a day, plus any other translated chapter…. we’d then have 3+ chapters a day!!! And it happens to be the most addictive Xianxia translated so far…

    I mean, that series is way too addictive…. please join and help us get so many more chapters XD

  4. Hey Ren, I just thought of something… why not try to recruit an Official Wuxiaworld epub team?

    I noticed that when downloading some other epubs that are created that the namings don’t completely match Wuxiaworld and when uploaded onto a reader or google books, it comes out as “Wuxia Novel” or something like that…

    An epub with proper bookmarks… that’d be nice

    Get a team to edit the grammar of series’ after posted and then having a group to make epubs that could be downloaded on this site… that’d be awesome..

    Just a thought XD

  5. Well too bad that youripad got stolen. But IMO apple sucks anyways. And tim cook is an idiot. But regardless i thank you for your hardwork in bringing us these chapters. Thanks alot.

      1. Im more of a pc girl. Tim cook recently had a remark on how about pc’s are dead or to that degree. So i think hes stupid. And apple sucks anyways. Their phones are always behind more like a last gen model. Or a couple.

  6. Anyway, it´s great that CD will finally be finished.. even tho it´s kinda sad.. ooh well, anyway.. as for your next project.. Take your time to think about it, it shouldn’t be rushed!

  7. Gotta say my heart goes out to those people. It’s a shame that people could actually do such a thing.

    On a brighter note…I’ve got to thank you Ren. You’ve done an amazing job with CD and the other projects that you’ve helped out with as well. Lol, WW has definitely taken up a lot of my time since I managed to find this site, though sadly I’ve been spoiled by the speed and quality of releases here but whatever, ain’t really a bad thing. I hope you continue on with the good work whether you choose ATG or DE or something else that catches your eye, just get a break before you choose. Hell, you surely deserve it. Thanks again.

  8. glad to see you back in the internet world Ren… sorry for your loss, sh*t happens sometimes, money is not the biggest issue but the personal value of the item and maybe some memories in it are the most valuable i think… it wasnt the same here without your releases…

    1. well sadly, you are kinda right.. it would be great to help those people who´s in need but the countries can´t handle it.. take a sweden as an example, they don´t even check the passport or anything when they come over.. that way, you have no idea who you have actually invited to your country but that´s not the only bad thing, since they got a completely different culture.. some were actually booing and “shaming” girls because they were wearing something considered normal here in sweden but forbidden in theres….. ooh well, nothing to do about it, sorry for ranting about irrelevant stuff

  9. Thanks for all the donors so far!! And thank you Ren! I am sorry about your ipad mini.. was it really that expensive? Also, it truly is sad what happened in Paris.. Alas. what a tragedy

  10. Welcome back Ren… thank you for translating this wonderful story and with such dedication…. sorry to hear about your ipad, I hope that you will get it back and lastly I am eagerly waiting for you to collaborate with IEW for the translation of desolate era or may even takeover from him because he is not doing justice to this story by translating only two chapters per week and even dumping 1 chapter on you …though he explained that he had some personal problems but i think that first he should sort them out and allow you to takeover the Desolate era project

    1. PREACH IT!!!
      *preaching intensifies*

      but i still don´t like your attitude against lord iew, but ooh well, nothing i can do about it!

      1. So what man ?? if you are satisfied with only 2 releases by IEW than there is nothing i can do about it… but it’s a fact that he is not doing justice to this story and I am sure that REN is perfect to take his place.

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