New CD Chapter Releases! Book 21, Chapters 26, 27

Hey guys, sorry for slightly late post…finished the first chapter, was zenning through the second, then went zzzzz. Anyhow, here is:

Book 21, Chapter 26 – An Extremely High Price

Book 21, Chapter 27 – Memories

Both chapters were sponsored by an anonymous donor!

Now, I need to let y’all know about something; I thought I would have Veteran’s Day off, but instead it looks like I’ll be going on a working trip into the boonies of Vietnam. I’ve been told internet/cell reception in that part of Vietnam is spotty to non-existent, so it is possible that from tomorrow (11/11) to my Saturday (11/14), I won’t be able to post any chapters, although I’ll still do my best to try and translate so I can post them when I get back, or when I actually do get internet. Thanks for understanding! 🙂

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  1. Thanks, already guessed you overslept again XD

    I think the heat somehow got into the head and make us sleepy (dehydrated or something) for I’ve experienced the same thing.

  2. Smh at that power play linley just made with the blood essence just for his mama who dnt know him for his dad sake. He basically handed orloff the missing piece like he promised he would not. He better start a amazing training after the planar wars.

  3. haha…all i can imagine seeing is RWX in the jungle with his trusty guide who running around holding up an antenna trying to get reception while RWX is hunched over his laptop waiting for a signal on his wireless internet. xD

    Have fun on the trip, although it is for work 🙁

  4. Does that means you translating in your phone? It’s kinda awesome, but isn’t it too hard for you?
    Actually, it is us should thank you for considering to do the translation even when you’re on your day off, not the other way around. Thanks.

          1. It was probably pinned because people were asking about where CD chapters were or if Ren was okay. I didn’t read the bottom part on Monday until it was pinned and I assume majority of the readers didn’t know either.

    1. if 1/2 a day is torture for you what happens if you include another 3 & 1/2 more days more without release.. You’ll go crazy~ Just like The Joker.

      To prevent that situation.. we’ve got 2 options!
      1) Ren somehow manages to release new chaps in 2-3 days.
      2) Hope that you are not an intellectual Genius.

  5. … why didn’t I see this last time…

    good luck with your viet-nam trip..

    however, please, pretty please… use the ISO way of marking dates… not the US way…
    11/11 is ok… but 11/14 … what month is that :p

    (with a cherry on top??) 😉


      1. hahaha.

        I know that.

        It’s just that….. I’m always flustered a bit when reading the US date… especially when both numbers are under or equal to 12… so I went with “joke”…

        but thanks guys and gals… I take your comments with the right mindset… you were trying to be helpful!

  6. Please please please consider withholding the chapters for like a week or 2 and then just release the remaining all in one batch.

    Or!!! Or!! Release every chapter except the last one !

  7. Ren… I’m going through withdrawal symptoms. Without my regular dose of Coiling Dragon I might just die…
    Come back soon!!! T.T

    This makes me wonder what I’ll do once CD is finished. O.o I might have to go through rehab then. Lol

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