12 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Releases! Book 20, Chapters 43, 44” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Where can I find the raws for CD? With all the talks about Soveriegns. I guess the thing that has been calling on Linley is/are Soveriegn sparks. Probably the sparks of his ancestors. I forgot that trial they had when they were still saints back at Yulan Continent where Beirut is the guardian or something.

  2. Hey Ren, thanks for the translation ! (well in fact i stopped at volume 18 chapter 32, I’ve read the first 18’th tome in 3 days and wanted to wait to read the rest of the story in one go). I just wanted to ask : How do you feel knowing that’s there is only 4 chapters remaining ? (maybe less :d) And what project are you going to pick up after CD ?

    Well thanks for the awesome translations and sorry for my english, i’m quite bad at it (you know… french….)

      1. Yeah you’re right, in the presentation of CD on this website it says that there is 21 books so… i’m totally wrong 😀 thanks for reminding me ! I really need chapters to read so: The more there is the more I’ll read !

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