New CD Chapter Releases! Book 20, Chapters 39, 40

Hey guys, was super busy today, so wasn’t able to hop on and wasn’t able to translate.  I just sat down and did a long ‘zen’ session and got out two chapters, so still hit my queue for the day.  Enjoy!

Book 20, Chapter 39 – Relief Sculpture

Book 20, Chapter 40 – The Red Caltrop Diamond Emerges!

Enjoy the read!  Thanks to a fan from WA for clearing the queue for Chapter 39!  Thanks to EA of Brazil, hamster, DS of Australia, SBA of Israel, dlaws11, and VP of France for clearing the queue for Chapter 40!

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  1. Ren, thank for your hard work. If there’s a day that you’re too occupied with anything, just take the day off from translation. No need to strain yourself to release something as you do deserve a break every so often. At least that’s how I feel about situations like this. Talking about breaks, don’t forget to take your anniversary break today(your time)!

  2. ren this is completely random but I dont know how else to ask u directly but is there any chance that after CD you could consider continuing voids amazing work on Xian Ni?, i think it is another amazing LN similar to CD that would be an amazing addition to wuxiaworld!!

    1. naw i am hoping ren finds an even more incredible new and yet to be translated novel to introduce to us.
      Idk if ren translated a novel before coiling dragon but this novel he picked is dam amazing so I hope he picks up something just as good as this or even better.
      (bit of romance and lots of epic op badassness like coiling dragon, MGA, ATG, PREFFERED!! 😀

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