New CD Chapter Released! Book 14, Chapter 15

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the day! Book 14, Chapter 15 – Royalwing Fiend has been released! This chapter was sponsored by CA of Spain, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for him. Thanks so much, CA!

Alright, have a good night guys! Tomorrow, same time same place. See y’all!

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    1. I believe you may be right… sometimes Ren even uses the next chapter teaser to make a bigger cliffhanger, but a hidden title could also have had a similar effect, don’t you think? there are not many options for developments at this moment…

      1. the problem is that it doesn’t really do anything but give away how “important” that chapter is, either name all chapters (because the chapter doesn’t always relate to who we think it does) or name none of the chapters until the full chapter is released.

        both cause suspense but selectively hiding the title caused it’s own problems xD

  1. -looks around-
    Thanks for the chapter ren!

    Off topic…
    Any news for the next release for skyfire? that last chapters ending has been eating at me lately.. ;-;

  2. I just read this in the span of 2 weeks and my eyes hurt but I want you to know this is by far my favorite series and I appreciate everything you do! You are some awesome people 🙂

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