New CD Chapter Release (for real this time!) Book 17, Chapters 8-9

So err, sorry about the screw-up from earlier today >.<  But this time, it’s the real deal!

Book 17, Chapter 8 – The Secrets of the Ancestral Baptism

Book 17, Chapter 9 – Eighty Years

Chapter 8 was sponsored by ML of Norway, so if you enjoyed it, big thanks to ML of Norway!  Chapter 9 is a regular chapter, and so it does not count against the queue!

FYI – the queue is NOT cleared; I just haven’t had time to go back and add in all the donations because I was in such a rush/panic to get these chapters out.  So don’t worry, we definitely have chapters in the queue for tomorrow!  I’ll update it once I have a bit of time!

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        1. LOL. Every second Thursday is a ‘half day’ for me, so I usually have some time to rest and relax. Instead, today I translated during my rest time xD

          1. Please Ren, I only noticed the last few days that your chapter count dropped, that and I had the impression that you wouldn’t take any donations for CD and that all donations to other works, each 80$ allocated would go to CD separately(yet read 1-2 things about the clue… queue* being not cleared).

            + Something about rainbows and I really need to learn Chinese, as I barely understand anything that isn’t a laugh, cry or sigh. Sadly, I don’t have a mutated soul to be able to understand them jointedly.

            Where were we? … That sentence is basically w’s and e’s… Anyway, we were… Thank you. Yes. Let’s go with that. Thanks.

          2. I…this…what…huh? I do not understand what you are saying here. I think I will need to enter closed door meditation and see if I can gain an insight to understand this. See you in two weeks (or a century, I don’t know) with chapter 10!

            xD xD xD

  1. You know, it is quite rare for me to feel like this but it is this kind of cliffhanger, which makes me want to wish that you would do a special 3rd chapter.. T_T

    Also Thank You very Much Ren for your hard work!!!

  2. As soon as i woke up from my close door meditation (school work) of 6hrs i saw two chapters pop up. You made my day ren, thanx for the chapter.

  3. Thanks for the chapters! I started reading them last week and could not stop until I got caught up. I am wondering how the queue works? right now it looks like there are 7 chapters in queue but that bar is always moving, does it only go down when you do the extra chapters? Also if the queue gets large is there a chance to get more than 2 chapters on a given day?

    1. Hi psyc, welcome to the community! That is correct, the queue goes down when I do extra chapters. On weekends, I previously did 3 chapters, but I’m busy with moving this month, so that won’t be possible! 🙂

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