New CD Chapter Release! Book 30, Chapter 32

Hey guys, here’s your second chapter of the day! Book 30, Chapter 32 – I’d Rather Die! A Change of Events has been released! This is the first of the three regular chapters for this weekend, that does NOT count against the queue. Enjoy the read!

Also, please note that the server will be offline for 1-2 hours tomorrow as we do a little bit of maintenance work on the server. I’m sticking this post, so that everyone has advance warning 😉

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  1. “You came as well. Can it be that you are also interested in the Overgod talisman?” The Chief Sovereign of Light looked at him.

    “Do you still remember the agreement we made ten thousand years ago?” The Chief Sovereign of Light said calmly.

    “Of course I do.” The Chief Sovereign of Light said calmly.

    The second line should be said by the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

        1. and here I was thinking I was crazy with my Sovereign-Beirut theory… Apparently a lot of stuff happened 10,000 ago and everyone has forgot that couple of thousands of years already passed since it actually was 10,000 years ago (I’m assuming all the stuff, mostly death of 4 divine beasts, happened around the same time and author just forgot just forgot about passage of time, but I guess it’s also possible that the thing they discussed actually did happen 10000 years ago)

  2. hi ren..

    Linley looked carefully at the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see the person in the black light clearly.

    “You came as well. Can it be that you are also interested in the Overgod talisman?” The Chief Sovereign of Light looked at him.

    “Do you still remember the agreement we made ten thousand years ago?” The Chief Sovereign of Light said calmly.(this should be The Chief Sovereign of Destruction) right?

    “Of course I do.” The Chief Sovereign of Light said calmly.

  3. It is really a horrible thing that you are so consistent about the chapters…
    Makes me sad while waiting for other novels updates….
    Every time there is a CD chapter I hope there will be updates from all the novels but alas it is not so….
    Yet very much enjoyed the chapter and hope you keep doing what you are doing….

    1. I have to agree with Tempest. You should get used to Wuxiaworld and Ren’s high quality and speedy translation and cheer up instead of brooding on the other’s not so speedy ones.

      You can’t make all of them special so just accept that this one is and the others are not.

  4. Linley’s little game of 3 card monte (AKA “Find the lady”) seemed to have worked but the problem with clever people is that they make the mistake of assuming that everyone else is stupid or less clever.

    Thankfully the Chief Sovereign of Destruction was able to defuse the situation before it could take a turn for the worse.

    1. “Even the Redbud Sovereign and the Bloodridge Sovereign revealed traces of astonishment in their eyes. Even they didn’t know about this.”

      Even Linley didn’t know he was his emissary.

      He’s the Chief Sovereign of Plot Armor!

      I wonder why he hid his appearance though, as if he didn’t want to be recognized. Could it be that he already met with Linley in the past? Or was he hiding his appearance to everyone as a whole?
      There should be a reason behind this, I hope we’ll get an explanation eventually.

  5. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!


    ow man… every single time Linley talked back to that lame sovereign, I just had to keep saying: IIIIIIIIN YOUR FAAAAAAAAACE!!!

    hahahahahaha… oh boy… how much i love this novel…

  6. Thx for the chapter!

    I just hope that the C.S of light doesn’t use his mom against him. And also i hope that his mom hasn’t been NTR and had new kids or something, that would be depressing. In regards to linleys mom, i just hope she is a regular angel that is overlooked and not noticed.

  7. I’ve been thinking about something… Around the time Linley became a deity, wasn’t there a bit about deities getting a lot of power from having believers? Pretty much nothing has been said about that since then.

    1. Only non-deities have faith in deities, so in the 7 seven divine planes and 4 higher planes where there is only deities and soveregins, they can only go to material planes to get their faith

      1. Yeah but then there is the likes of Radiant Church. Clearly a Sovereign has something to gain from faith other than just pure souls. I was just wondering why this part had been mentioned so long ago as something that should be important later as he gained power as a deity, yet has never been mentioned again since.

  8. Comments are locked. No biggie. Thanks for the chapter.

    I love how he is willing to bs so hard against even sovereigns. I’m curious if he really will become an emissary for the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

  9. You can’t lock comments on such chapter, it’s IMMORAL 🙂

    So I guess Beirut is emissary of chief sovereign of destruction and chief sovereign of destruction is one of the strongest sovereigns period. Which gives Beirut special status, being protected by such strong sovereign. And he convinced the sovereign to shelter Linley as well.

    Crazier theory is that Beirut himself is the chief sovereign of destruction and he just plays around with his clones to be able to operate on all levels of power. Sovereign, paragon, high god. Why disguise the image of the chief sovereign of destruction otherwise.

    Also the Chief Sovereign of Light pretty much knows that Linley is lying … if Linely was not lying, he wouldn’t be pursuing the red gem.

    Main question now is what powers this old high god dude has. He should have some strong divine ability and be a paragon. Nothing weaker can fight Linley in lower plane.

    1. Beirut is supposed to be emissary of Bloodridge sovereign. I also think that he might be a sovereign, but it will be kinda weird for a sovereign to be emissary.

      Also, at this point even paragons are not much against Linley

  10. that guy is probably some paragon, that the CS of light probably thinks is stronger then linley. hope he is a paragon and goes after linley. let linley show he is a 4way soul mutant and kill him. That will show the CS of light!

  11. My theory is that liney reinvented the destruction divine power by merging those 4 elements. The destruction sovereign somehow knows that, and tries to protect liney as he is one of the few who can become a sovereign without fusing with a sovereign divine spark.

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