New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapters 40, 41

Hey guys, here are your two chapters of CD for today! 41 chapters down, 3 chapters to go! Here’s the part that pisses me off though; I just realized that the last two chapters are literally TRIPLE the size of normal chapters, so instead of just having 3 chapters worth of translations left, I actually have the equivalent of…seven. ARGH. Oh well, more for you guys to read! Since we were a bit late today, have an extra long teaser for chapter 42 as well!

Book 21, Chapter 40 – A Battle of Chief Sovereigns
Book 21, Chapter 41 – Can He Actually Be…?

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  1. One question, tho. Will there be a triple release tomorrow? Or, since the chapters are so long, will it take some more time? I’m dying to know what happens.

    Anyway, thanks for translating, Ren, you’re awesome. =D

  2. Ever since I started reading CD in July, I’ve been waiting everyday for my daily dose. Sucks that it will end. Though Stellar transformations is nominally its sequel, it doesn’t have the same , I don’t know the sentiment( maybe charm? ) as CD. Gonna miss it.

    1. Imo stellar Transformations isn’t that good. Compared to that, Desolate Era (I’m pretty sure also by IET) is far better. I would say that it’s probably a better series than CD, although the latest developments feel a bit…forced. Even with that I’d still rate DE a little higher than CD in terms of quality, but CD is my first xianxia story and has a special place in my heart :’)

      1. Recently, I feel it is the latest CD chapters that felt…. I dunno… they felt… not as exciting as previous chapters…..

        I mean, when Linley was a highgod, I felt more excitement, but as a Sovereign, it kinda feels more… I dunno….

        But I love it, cause it is still CD… and endings usually suck….. -_-

  3. I have actually lost interest in ST….
    I loved it just as much as i love CD….
    but… the heavens are truly not fair…. After the Main translator of ST mysteriously disappeared ( or died)……. After waiting for a long time for it to get translated, i finally gave up and read the spoilers… basically lost all interest.

  4. You’re not taking a break for 22, are you? Oh god. That’s such a horrible cliffhanger. If you’re taking a break, I’m gonna lose it. I can’t really blame you though. Those next chapters are gonna be heavy.

  5. Are you going to released the chapter 42 around the time you usually post? If so i think i wont sleep tonight and wait for the released, But if you’re gonna released it just like this time. Maybe i can peacefully sleep tonight or maybe not.hehe
    Anyways thanks for the hardwork and for the chapter.
    Keep safe!

  6. im WAITING REN yeah im waiting i still havent touched these chapters yet yeah u know how much willpower that needs ?? i Refresh like every 2 minutes and nothing comes and still i can see these last 2 chapters(which i havent read yet) and still i AM waiting yeah ….. so tell me


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