New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 43

The second to last chapter, and the longest chapter in CD history, with 9000 characters, is here. Book 21, Chapter 43 – A New Name (part 1) is released. With the next chapter, it all ends. Are you ready, friends? The end is nigh.

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    1. lmao swallowed star must be the most dull and boring of all novels written by the author , he tried something but it failed short , i see you requesting this every change you get , its quite admiring hahaha

  1. It’s been an amazing time Ren :3

    I think the final stretch of our journey in life, should be accompanied by the re-revealing of everyones comment ranks ;P

    Can’t wait to see what you work on next (naturally at a slightly lesser rate so as to give you back your life we stole from you for this one)

    speaking of returning your life to you. Here is the key to your cell, you are finally allowed to leave the basement and rejoin the surface world XD But it will be over here on the shelf until we see the conclusion of the epic saga of Linley Baruch 😉

    1. Don’t forget to bring out the lock to the door leading out the basement

      *2 weeks later*
      Sylvia: I’m surprised, I haven’t heard from Ren at all recently.
      Sylvia creeps downstairs, unlocks the door, goes into the basement,

  2. Thank you so much Ren!!!! I’m getting all sentimental now that it is at the end… I really appreciate everything you have done. Your quality of translation is unparalleled under the heavens!

  3. Ren, thanks for all your effort translating CD for us, this was an incredible reading and is sad that it’s getting to an end, but I am happy to follow it ultil the end and I believe that everyone who read until here thinks the same! LAST CHAPT, THERE WEE GO!!!

  4. btw the link of read chapter leads to chapter 44

    thanks for every single chapter you have given us so far and for making this site so big. We are all addicted to this site now thanks to you hehe :]

  5. it would be really cool if the last chapter i mean the 44.-th would be released in the next 12 hours but well we problably have to wait for 23-25 hours but it is worth it 🙂 good work and thanks for the translation till know on this series

  6. Boss master ultimate super overlord ren im a crying right now.. i just remeber the first that i started reading CD first i taught it was boring..but right now i wish that it will never end but i guess everything has an thank you for the long journey i hope we will see and hear some amazing thins again from you…ren i will miss you and coiling dragon..from the bottom of my heart thank you. Goodbye CD this has been a great story so long Overgod Linley Baruch.

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