New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 42

Hey all, here’s your chapter for the day, Book 21, Chapter 42 – Earth Fire Water Wind.  Only two chapters left!  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) chapter 43 and 44 are HUGE, nearly triple the length of normal chapters, so I’ll have to release them individually.  In the mean while, super long chapters deserve super long teasers.  Enjoy!

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  1. So we have to wait 2 more days for the books to be finished? This feels quite depressing to be honest… I hate having to have cliffhangers at the very last chapter, I don’t like it…

  2. I guess Bluefire would have to sacrifice his fire lesser sovereign spark to make Linley match up with Orloff. If he will not, no one will be able to stop Orloff and, once again, he and Beirut would hole up in Yulan plane waiting for another “four-soul mutate” or higher to contend with Orloff. I bet that would be a pretty low chance to bet and rather go with betting it all on Linley. Anyway, Linley still has an earth lesser sovereign spark to “trade” with Bluefire’s fire one. I guess this will be the only way for Linley to be able to fight Orloff. Even if he gains insight, it would not be enough to fight a Chief Sovereign of Fate with Overgod weapon, soul-protecting artifact, and armor. Fusing four laws in junction with having four lesser sovereign spark to balance it out would be the optimal path for the story.

    1. No he will kill another lesser fire sovereign you know the one which came to take bresel Linley emissary to be an emissary of orloff that to get the spark he will become an existence surpassing an overgod

      1. i dont think he will surpass an Overgod cause they control all elements as much as i know right ? these 4or 3 ? Overgods created after all, all other planes etc at best he will be the strongest beeing after the overgods :/ or so i think :/

          1. didn´t your parent teach you not to spoil man? ooh well, bad parenting does exist everywhere!

  3. thanks for this chap and the last 2 chaps Ren!
    this last 3 chapters sows Karma with us, whereupon our fates are intertwined. If you do not break this connection, then neither shall us! XD

  4. We’ve had our ups and downs within every chapter of Coiling Dragon, and I can’t believe its ending after 2 long chapters now. Well, we’ll still miss this one of the best novel.

  5. Thanks you for all your hardwork and to be able to finish this serie in less than 1 year trully cheers !!!!

    ps: i want to ask, do u know where i can found a pdf file or an epub of evry book of CD ?
    ps2: i su ck in english

  6. I wonder what’s the next xianxia novel that their going to translate after CD
    I really want to finish stellar transformation though…
    The translation is very slow compared to the translations here in wuxia world…..not like I can do anything about it…I’m just a free eater after all…
    If it was just possible for stellar transformation to be translated here in wuxia world…

  7. We should start the ultimate competition, for the ultimate first.. the first of the last chapter of CD, it should be worth around a septillion firsts..Anyone with me for the ultimate day of the f5 army?

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