New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 4

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of CD for my today! Book 21, Chapter 4 – Sovereign Linley (dun dun dun) has been released. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by Roaring Kitten, darkyojimbo, PA of Australia, SU of Australia, Saitama, anonymous 2 and TJ of Singapore, so a big round of applause to our Wuxiaworld sponsors! Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Does this mean that he can just keep getting stronger and stronger by fusing sparks. And then if he learns more profound truths and becomes a paragon in things like destruction he can then get a destruction sovereign spark and become even stronger?

    1. Hehe…there is no Overgod of elements,yet. I hope Linley becomes an Overgod of major Elements(I consider Fire Water Earth Wind as major, rest are all,in CD terms, Lesser Elements).

      If this is true, at the end of the novel, I would feel as if the laws around me are Linley’s omnipresence 😛

  2. I can’t sleep in this….ahahahha….I was able to read everything in two weeks, without escaping any cahpter at all. Damn….Can’t wait…geeee.
    By the way, translators, I awe you a lot, to mend at least something, i want to ask how much is sponsoring per chapter?…

    All the best…aim with all your best, not just to be the best…..

    1. By the way, that’s “owe” not “awe”. Pardon. Mistakes happen sometime, though. Well let’s say this: Since you “awe” me with your effort in this translations stuffs, I “owe” you for that, that is why I want do at least something for your awesomeness…eheheh.
      Good luck!!!

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