New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 37

Hey, sorry for the late release on this one; I had to make a trip to Hong Kong on short notice. Was planning to translate in the hotel, but spent so much time searching for it that I fell asleep once I got in. BTW, anyone got advice on good food in Mongkok?

Book 21, Chapter 37 – Eye-Catching is done. 37 down, 7 to go!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Ren,
    Street food is an awesome choice in Mongkok!. I would wander around the airsoft and model district in Mongkok which has some nice bakery and fresh wontons. If you are lucky to stay in Langham then the mall attached to the hotel has some nice foods and sweet shops, also close by on Nathan road are some awesome hotpot buffets. It has been a while since I was in HK!

  2. Registered to just give a recommendation!

    I know it’s Hong Kong, but for the best Indian food you’ll probably have in your life, check out The Delhi Club in Tsim Sha Tsui which is a station or two away! Just google maps it.

    BUT! It’s in the sketchiest building in Hong Kong lol (which also has the best currency exchange rates in HK). So if you go, keep it low key. Don’t bust out your tech and translate at the place.

    When you get to the entrance of the building a ton of ppl trying to get you to go to a restaurant. Just say The Delhi Club and they’ll take you to the elevator that’ll take you there. Don’t go take the stairs cuz they may not be safe.

    That said, the food is worth all the hassle. Get the masala chai as well. It’ll make you wonder what all the Indian food you’ve had until now was.

    But if you want something else, then all the places here are stellar.

    Lived in Hong Kong, parents are from HK, and I love hunting for amazing food. I can attest.

    And last but not least thank you so much for all the translations!

  3. I recommend Tim how Wan, you got it in sham shui po, not far traveling at all if you take the mtr from mong kok. And I dont know if this guy is already arrested, Mr Wong, for the cheapest food there is, 60 hkd unlimited food, and he gives you money for beer. But this is if you are living rather low budget

  4. Sino Center is the place with the anime and games stuff.

    Food you would want to try roast goose. There’s a couple of good ones around all over, there’s Sham Tseng Chan Kee near Langham Place

    Clay pot rice and seafood at Temple street.

    Street food around sneaker street and ladies market. (I like this place called 肥姐 – cold skewered meat)

    Australian Dairy Co is a favourite for many, but I find it so-so. But there’s Mak’s wanton noodles just a little further down from Australian Dairy Co (Jordon area – from Mongkok)

    Kam Wah Bakery has the best polo buns. (Order the one with butter in it)

    Further up just after Prince Edward there’s Tim Ho Wan at Sham Shui Po.

    Google for this place called “Star Cafe” for fabulous tomato soup noodles.

    Pretty much any Tsui Wah (a franchise of Cha Chan Ting – traditional hk eateries)

    That’s about all I can recall for now

  5. yo watup people first commend on cd forums sayin ty for all the chapters and has anyone read the manga loosely based on the book i mean they changed everythig except the name of the mc

  6. Oh Great Master Ren since this novel is about to be finish i am thinking of making it a simple ebook and since i will be making it anyway can i give it to you so other fellow readers can download it

    1. Quote from FAQ:
      Hey, I just made these PDF/ePub/.mobi/etc. versions of Coiling Dragon [or some other novel]. Would you like them?
      Hey, in order to help foster the community and keep the discussion centralized, I’d strongly prefer to not host ePubs or to have ePubs spread around, at least until I finish the entire translations in a few months. I’m totally fine with you creating them for personal use or sending them individually to people who ask for them, but I prefer you don’t post them up willy nilly. Thank you!”

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