New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 36

Hey guys, here’s a chapter of CD – Book 21, Chapter 36 – The Final Battle! 36 chapters down, 8 chapters to go! I promise I’m not intentionally trying to stretch out these last few chapters; I have just been STUPID busy the past few days. And no, I won’t be taking a rest on the 22nd, if it isn’t wrapped up by then. I want to get this done and done 🙂

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  1. relax ren, take your time
    i wouldnt want you to burnt out your life candle faster
    take it easy
    to sprint all the time in a marathon is not a bright idea after all

      1. a lot of ppl will need new keyboard next day, no doubt. i bet even planar war’s last day will be nothing compared to the last CD day’s insanity and fierceness

    1. I doubt it, will most likely go further than the 22nd, since he’s busy and has SC as well. Might as well be prepared for it to be done by the 23d to 25th, that way, you won’t get disappointed and just happy if it’s done sooner than that.

    2. He is probably burning out a bit after so long ^^. I think we should expect a little longer as to not be too disappointed, even a chap a day is pretty incredible already.

  2. Thanks REN!!!
    Don’t worry Ren, as long as you’re fine, it doesn’t matter even if it would last til next week. Since i’ll be travelling by saturday to CAPUT MUNDI (Rome) so, i don’t have time to check this…
    All the best!!!

  3. cant say i adore it as well, considering I’m so used to the original page and its gonna make reading on my phone a bit harder, but I’m sure with time, we’ll get used to it

  4. Please revert it back to the old page. The new page is only an annoyance on desktops but on tablets and mobiles it’s pretty bad. On mobiles we have to scroll to the bottom to check for recent posts now and for tablets, the recent posts pane can take forever to load. This is cause some tablets are querying for the desktop version and due to the videos ads being loaded, and recent posts pane being one of the last items to load, we are basically forced to sit there for a while waiting for the site to load. That or we slowly go through each box and hope that we remember an update

  5. Yeah, please go back to the old layout, the new front page layout is slow and kinda ugly. Just having the categories on the side is already enough to find the chapters of each series, no need to complicate things. Simplicity always wins =p

  6. YEAH NO to the NEW Layout!! that thing is reallly annoying nobody wants that scroll down menü on the start page old design was the best you saw everything at once and all u had do to was scroll down and click on the chapter u wanna read :/

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