New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 31

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of my today: Book 21, Chapter 31 – A Meeting has been released! One chapter down, two to go (one CD, one DE). Sorry I didn’t post any extra chapters yesterday after all. Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void, yo!

31 chapters down, 13 chapters left!

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    1. hello it is my first comment. thanks for the chap! i would like to point out that there has been a redirect problem going on with mobiles, it is kind of annoying. and if you are still having problems with “malicous ads” it might be due to heavy video stream ads which consume bw like hell from the client side. it used to happen back when i had limited bw and banned a few times cos of those ads from your web site :P. no more bw limit no more problems for me though.
      thanks for all your hard work, i really enjoyed cd so far. i would love to be a donor for you when i can afford it hopefully in your next projects. stay safe 🙂

  1. why are you still doing DE? it’s not your project lol… I feel bad for you.

    To be honest no idea why some poeple like DE… the amount of NTR and Tragedy to MC’s family is utterly distasteful. I feel like it was ieattomoates, experiment with more dark/sad tones in his story… it didn’t work out for me IMO…

    anyway thanks for the hardwork.

    1. you drunk m8? are you soon gonna day that atg legendary good or something? everyone got different tastes in everything.. i really hate how repetitive shit got a mga so i quit reading it, atg too because of the shitty mc.. but i love DE because of how original and not as repetitive as the others!
      See? everyone likes different stuff.. now stfu!

  2. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this! Now time to anxiously wait for the next chapter… lol. Thanks Ren! I always look forward to my daily Coiling Dragon. I’ll be lost once the series is over. Haha.

  3. Ren, you might like fanfic”The Fourth Faction” on RoyalRoadL, based around the first Star Craft.

    I also stick to my guns when I say every chapter you release, you had one spare. Incoming 30 short series or two long ones, or a short part of a giant book :DD

  4. For Aiur! Thanks for the chapter and hope you enjoyed the campaign. Now tell us, are you a Bronze ranked Saint, Silver ranked Demigod, Gold ranked God, Diamond ranked Highgod or a lofty Master ranked Sovereign? 😀

  5. I seriously don’t see how this can be ending in 13 chapters… there’s so much things left to be solved…
    – There’s this planar war
    – There’s the 4th Lower Fire Sovereign spark (though a wild fire sovereign spark appeared in Book 21, Chapter 32, trying to look for troubles with Linley’s last Emissary, so I guess he will be the sovereign spark provider?)
    – There’s the mother’s memories
    – There’s Augusta to be killed, he can’t possibly left alive with all the past history
    – There’s the Chief Sovereign of Fate, once you deal with Augusta he won’t leave it alone
    – etc.
    Will that really be properly tackled within 13 chapters?

    Thanks for the translation

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