New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapter 13

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of my today!  Book 21, Chapter 13 – Punishment has been released!  This chapter was sponsored by CD of Australia and DR of New York, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a round of applause for them.  Thanks!

13 down, 31 to go!

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  1. Man thanks for all the chapters! thank you very much!
    I am a selfish person I sincerely want you to only focus on CD since its gonna be over soon. I cant bare the cliff hangers. I am sorry please!

    1. I wondered same thing, too.

      Hey RMX,
      I am wonder why did the queue drops especially when 12 and 13 should be regular chapters? Chapter 11 was a regular chapter.

      1. @LuluViBritannia @Eric chapter 9/10 and 11 where regular chapters. So 12 and 13 are just sponsered chapters what will drop the que. If the bar stays empty we still have 3 regular chapters which will be translated Saturday and Sunday. Since he allways translate his regular chapters during weekend so we all have time to fill the bar and make sure we have enough chapters the entire week. So it’s all legit you can trust RWX he allways does his 3 regular chapters every week.

        1. This is the correct answer 🙂

          KingKong is correct as well.

          LuLu is ALSO correct.

          In short, on the ‘list of thanks’, I put down 11-13 as regular chapters, when it was actually 9-11. The queue was correct, the list of thanks was off.

        1. That part is why I am confused…is this sponsored or regular. I hope RMX straight things out in regard of queue lists, etc. And adjusts the queue bar to reflect this if needed.

          1. Ya, Ren made a mistake when he wrote on the queue list below that chapters 11 to 13 are regular. But as he translated chapters 9 to 11, Ren admitted these chapters as regulars on his announcements.

  2. Hey I’m getting ads that keep redirecting me every time I try to read the next chapter. Any idea how to stop this?

    Edit: Nevermind, seems like it got fixed or something.

    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that sh** appearing like 15 minutes ago. I’ve searched for suspicious code at the server, and found nothing. After a while, the problem went away. I’ve cleared the cache of our CDN, and checked the last modification of some of the most critical files. Everything seems ok.

      Apologies for the inconveniences this may have caused.

        1. Chrome and the mobile browsers abuse the local cache to keep contents stored regardless of the response they get from the servers. Try clearing the cache, that should get rid of it.

  3. Hey ren, this is totally unrelated to the chapter, but I’m being redirected to porn sites when I try to go to this website recently and that’s very inappropriate. Please fix this fast.

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