New CD Chapter Release! Book 20, Chapter 8

Hey guys, here is your second CD chapter of the day!  Book 20, Chapter 8 – Whither To? has been released!  This chapter was sponsored by perennial donor, HH of Norway, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for HH.  Thanks, HH!

Off to bed.  G’night!

12 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Release! Book 20, Chapter 8” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Poor Olivier and poor Deia.
    If Olivier is stronger when they are both without a soverein drop all Linley has to do is give one to Olivier and he should be stronger.
    But the planes are filled of people looking for revenge for other people huh?

    As for the Sovereign of life… Guess all Linley has to do is to become a Sovereign and take him out now :p.
    I wonder how that will go with a soul mutate? Will he be a sovereign of multiple elements?

    1. Sovereign of light*, well, he could still fuse elements but wouldn’t it be similar to fusing highgod power with god power? It may be stronger (‘couse it’s strengthening 3 weaker power with one powerful), but definitely not on sovereign-level. Still, he would be sovereign and 4 paragons i one, assuming that he will fuse sovereign spark of different element (or edict) with his saint-level original body. Still the most badass sovereign. Add that crown, possibly a overgod artifact and he’s unmatched.

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