New CD Chapter Release! Book 20, Chapter 34

Hey guys, here is your second and final chapter of the day, and the third regular chapter of the week! Book 20, Chapter 34 – Hiding One’s Strength has been released. Enjoy the read!

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  1. Hi, I was curious wether you had already decided on what to do after you finish CD, if you haven’t I’d like to recommend Xian Ni as the translator for that series posted his decision to quit just today.

    1. I would kinda like it if he decided to pick up ST, the “sequel” to CD… Though idk if he would want to take another IET work, maybe he would want to try another authors story lol

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    And i am has like to ask – who willing translate xian ni ?
    Mr. Void do not translare novel and willing submit his hardwork translate.
    Please can you ask about this

    1. I dunno why so many people think that.
      It doesn’t make sense. He was afraid of Augusta and as far as we know, he never got the chance to get one of them. Plus, the real body of CSD was there while he was there. It may work to trick Linley, but not to trick the other sovereigns, who can see his real body.

      If he got a sovereign spark, it should be one of the 4 that were in the NotG, since after him there were 3. But those 4 ones were low level elemental sparks, not destruction. (It should be obvious that they are the 4 of the 4 divine beasts)

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