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  1. thanks for the chapter!

    btw is there any way to make a comment response notification system? I don’t like getting spam in my email so it would be 10000x more convenient. Just wondering :3

    1. I’ve never even gotten it to work, I say yes here, say yes on wordpress, and then never get anything even tho I’ve gotten 80 replies for not forcing our world morals on other worlds.

  2. Thank you, Ren! I love you! (even if you’re a guy! /okabe)

    Thank you, donors!

    Thank you for running this website and adding so many great novel translations to it. You’re the man, RWX.

  3. Just curious… But instead of translating DE right now… Why not just go hardcore on Coiling Dragon for a little (since it’s basically done at this point) and then you can help out whoever you need to with no worries(until/if you decide you want to take up another novel).

    1. If he goes hardcore on Coiling Dragon for a little while it will still tire him out. I rather have him translate on the pace he feels the best at then forcing him to translate at a pace we feel great with. So i just hope Ren will continue translating and enjoy doing it. Everyday i just read 2 chapters one in the morning and one before i go to sleep. I think that is allready a great job since i know how much work it cost to translate. It’s not done in 1 houre and he can’t clone himself sadly 😛 So Ren just keep it up however you want. If you slow the pace no problem you deserve some rest

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